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GoPicturin’ is the offspring of a family passion for photography. My name is Kyle Dyson, and I coined the phrase as a result of multiple weekends of loading my family (wife, son, and parents) in the truck and touring the rural countryside or grabbing my camera bag and walking around downtown, always looking for something that would look great through a camera lens. I would call my parents and ask them if they wanted to  go picturin’  with us. Photography enthusiasts for years, my parents handed me down a d-SLR and rejuvenated my love for photography. After working side jobs for extra spending money, I purchased a new d-SLR and my wife became the proud owner of the original hand-me-down. Today, we both make most of our commutes with camera bags in the passenger seat, and our six year old son is often seen with a digital point-and-shoot.


This site is dedicated to sharing our pictures. Take a moment and look around – you’ll see what happens when we go picturin’

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Kyle says:

    Dawn, thank you VERY much for the compliment. The website is built and maintained by Kyle using Word Press, and we use Site Ground for our web hosting. We highly recommend them! http://www.siteground.com

  2. Dawn Chrans says:

    Very nice site. You have a lot of talent. Who does your website?

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