Day 139 – A Soft Focus Iris

May 18, 2012 in 2012, 365 Project, 366 Project, Color, D7000, Flowers, Go Picturin, Iris, Kyle Dyson, Lensbaby, May, Nikon, Purple, Technique, Yellow

I know this isn’t the typical shot that I take and/or post, but I dig it. This picture was taken using my Lensbaby Composer, and it must have looked pretty complicated to anyone who saw my shooting with it. One of the best tools I have in my camera bag is a circular polarizer. I plan to do a post on them in the near future, but the polarizer basically changes the direction of light entering the camera and hitting the sensor, and that allows me to do things like increase or decrease reflections on smooth surfaces, but it also allows me to change the levels of color/saturation coming into the camera.

The lensbaby has a pretty small opening, and I think finding filters would be extremely difficult. Luckily, they make an adapter ring that changes the threads to 52mm, which is also what some of my Nikon lenses are. That means I can put my 52mm circular polarizer on my Lensbaby and not only use the Lensbaby to change the focus area of the image, but also use the polarizer to change how the sensor sees the image. Typically, I would use the polarizer to increase the color coming into the picture, but for this shot, I actually wanted to make everything closer to the same range to increase the appearance of them blending together. If I let the purple and yellow of the iris remain pretty bold, it would stick out and stand apart from the green behind it. I wanted it to all blend into the same focal plane and enhance the soft focus. I chose to use the Plastic optic in the Lensbaby for this shot because I really like the way it places the whole image into a soft focus and makes the “dreamy” image.

Picture taken with a Nikon D7000 and a Lensbaby composer with plastic optic and macro converter, and a circular polarizer mounted using a Lensbaby step up ring.


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