Day 141 – This Swan’s a Show Off

May 20, 2012 in 2012, 365 Project, 366 Project, 70-300mm VR, Color, D7000, Go Picturin, Kyle Dyson, May, Nikon, Orange, Reflection, Sunset, Swan, White, Wildlife

I posted a swan picture yesterday, but I posted it early in the day and I seem to post mostly in the evenings, so it was missed by a lot of you. The good news is that I’ve got another swan picture and this one is even better. At least I think it’s better. Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong!

Sometimes I get lucky and get a great shot, sometimes I spend some time with the set up and the planning….and sometimes it’s a combination of both. I saw the water in this pond at a stand still and the sun dropping, and I knew there was probably a shot to be taken somewhere. Then I noticed this swan sitting on the shore on the opposite side of the pond. I knew if I got on the other side, I could have a picture of the swan and the sunset behind it. I was slow in approaching the swan – partly out of respect because I was on his turf, and partly because I know his partner was sitting on eggs and he’s petty aggressive right now. I was nowhere around the eggs but you never know when a swan will get nasty – they look so regal, but they’re mean little suckers.

As I walked closer and closer, I paused and took pictures with every few steps. When I got really close, the swan started to move to the water and I thought it was over. I thought he was going to head for the hills. I was wrong!

As I posted yesterday (click here if you missed it) he stopped just inside the water and gave me a couple of great opportunities for pictures. Eventually, he started to stretch his neck out and stand fully extended and I quickly switched to a portrait view to frame him. As I was thinking about adjusting my polarizer, he started to flap his wings and I quickly forgot anything about settings. All I could think was “press the shutter button you moron – this is awesome.”

I had gotten myself into the position to take a picture of a swan with an orange sunset lighting up the water behind it, but I never would have dreamed I’d get him in this pose!

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